24-Hour Ambulatory Service

Services-_Ambulatory-341x237Abraham’s Equine Clinic offers ambulatory veterinary care for horses in our practice area. We have long-term relationships with a host of breeding and performance horse farms in the area, as well as individual horse owners. The many services we provide include reproductive management, primary and preventative health care, lameness evaluations and treatment, pre-purchase examinations and 24-hour emergency coverage. Our practitioners are specifically skilled in many different areas in order to provide your horse with the best possible care. In addition to farm services, our veterinarians also provide veterinary care at numerous horse
sales and equine events.

If you have an emergency or other immediate needs,
please contact Abraham’s Equine Clinic ASAP!
Phone: 319-366-6441 | Pager: 319-368-0487 | Click to e-mail