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BobJanieMichelleThomsonEvery occasion we have had with Abraham’s Equine Clinic has been a success! When it’s time to say “goodbyes” to our horses,
we are treated with much compassion and respect. The one occasion, that makes me appreciative and so thankful this clinic is
here for us, is when our 30 inch, white A.M.H.R. gelding, Scout, had an eye injury resulting from a kick. His eyelid was torn and hanging
down the side of his face, not to mention the horror to see red blood all over Scout’s white coloring! Dr. Charles met us that Sunday morning and stitched him back up. Unless you know the injury happened, you would never be able to see the awesome stitching job Dr. Charles did! We have been with Abraham’s since 1983. Never any regrets, just highly praised by us!

– Bob, Janie, & Michelle Thomson

Photo Courtesy:  D&G Photography

Photo Courtesy: D&G Photography

I’ve been a client of AEC for over 10 years, and have always been very happy with the care and treatment my horses have received. However, my biggest and most important success has been the treatment of my current event horse, Word Play, a 10 year old OTTB mare. In 2012, I was at my wits end with trying to solve the mystery of her back soreness that had completely changed my mare under saddle. I decided to take her in for a full vet workup and see if there was any hope in continuing her eventing career or if she simply would need to be retired to something less demanding. Dr. Holcomb was so thorough with her workup and we came up with a plan to try to see if we could get her back on track. Within a few months, she did her first event back and felt like herself again, and was having absolutely no back soreness. With our new management plan, and vets who truly care and know my horse well, she has been moving and jumping better than she ever has. The picture included is of her return to training level eventing in May of 2013, a year after thinking I might need to retire her.

Thank you AEC for getting me my partner back!
– Lizzie Sauter