Quality Equine Dentistry

quality equine dentistry iowaAbraham’s Equine Clinic is dedicated to providing superior dental care for your horse. Routine care and examination of your horse’s mouth is as critical as vaccinations and deworming since dental abnormalities can result in weight loss and performance and training problems. Common procedures we perform include reducing sharp enamel points, creating bit seats, reducing sharp canine teeth and removing wolf teeth or retained caps. We correct incisor misalignments, wave mouths, hooks and ramps and extract loose or infected teeth if present. A headlight, full-mouth speculum, dental halter and a power float are used to float your horse’s teeth. While power floats are faster and more effective, we also have hand floats available for use in certain circumstances. For more information on your horse’s teeth and equine dentistry, please refer to our article in the Client Education section of our website.

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